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GridObserver®’s subatomic modeling not only provides real-time analysis of networks using KPIs, it utilizes its deep and complex understanding of the physical and virtual relationships on a given network to anticipate issues that may arise in the future. At the core of the GridObserver® platform is the Leading Indicator Technology® (LIT®) Management Module. This predictive technology is not only beneficial in detecting errors, but in planning future investment and operation of the network.

The GridObserver® LIT® module is a new patent pending technology that improves network availability through predictive error detection. Unlike traditional network monitoring systems that only provide lagging indicators after the error or the outage event, GridObserver®’s LIT® provides you the ability to act prior to failure.

LIT® analyzes network elements and tracks small, seemingly unimportant, network changes. The LIT® algorithm analyzes these changes, often too small to be called “events”, and correlates them to provide a clearer picture of potential adverse events. The GridObserver® LIT® module delivers a scheduled or on-demand report, summarizing these anomalies thus enabling proactive intervention and resolution.

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  • LIT® uses patent pending predictive technology to identify issues before they become failures.
  • GridObserver®’s subatomic modeling provides insight into current operations and processes as well as insight into potential failures to inform all levels of network operation.
  • LIT® informs strategic business decisions, such as future investment and operations, by identifying current weaknesses as well as anomalies and trends predictive of failure.